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Soup Kitchen

The Philippines, a named derived from King Phillip of Spain in the 16th century(Insert image), is the 12th largest most populous country with a population of 92 million people(Insert image).  The Philippines is also known for their three storm seasons, The Tagaraw (March to May), Tagulan (June to November) and Taglamig (December to February).  It was during the Tagulan season that hit Mr. P’s community the hardest. The Day Care Center suffered terrible damage.  Most of the learning materials were either soaked through or washed away by the storm.  The building (Insert image) itself suffered much damage. It was very hard for the community to recover, even with a strong will to continue.

In July of 2008, Bishop & Lady Pender and the Beth-El Temple Church family began a mission with Mr. Randy Palomario (Mr. P), a physical education teacher in the BCPSS and his village in the Philippines.  It was our desire to assist Mr. P’s hometown, that had been hit very hard by the bad storms (Insert image) and the devastating flood that destroyed much of the village including the Daycare and the Health Center.

Storm Hot Building After Storm

In August of 2008, contributions were sent to the village of Barangay Man-it Passi City Iloilo in the Philippines to paint and restore the village Daycare that serviced 32 small children.  Upon completion of the restoring of the Daycare, contributions were sent on a monthly basis to feed each child twice a day with a hot meal, and a very small stipend was added to the teacher’s salary.  Contributions sent have also allowed groceries to be distributed to the Daycare children’s family when school is out of session.  The Beth-El Temple Church family has been able to supply the Daycare with the following school supplies for each child: Pre-k and Kindergarten Workbooks, Pencils, Crayons, Paste, Supply Boxes , Scissors, Color Paper, Note Pads, Pictures, Markers, Paint and Paint Brushes, Bubbles, etc.  We have also supplied the daycare with a complete set of Dr. Seuss books; Dr. Seuss stuffed characters and supplies for the teacher.

New School 1 Classroom

In December of 2008 the Beth-El Temple Bible College, Missionary Department, and Willing Workers with the help of Minister Antoine Burton sent Teddy Bears to each child in the Daycare for Christmas. The Beth-El Temple Church Family continues to support the Daycare Feeding Program that now services 50 children.  We have been informed that the children are beginning to gain and not lose weight as a result of this feeding program. In December of 2009 the Beth-El Temple Church, the Bible College, and the School of Ministry paid for a Christmas Party that was catered by McDonalds (Insert image) and Christmas Gifts for each child and the teacher. Thank you Mr. P for coming into our lives, so that the Beth-El Temple Church can be a blessing to others.  It is our pleasure to assist in the education and feeding of the young children in the Philippines.

Christmas 1 Christmas 2
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