The Men’s Ministry of Beth-El Temple endeavors to empower Men to grow spiritually, thrive relationally, and serve purposefully, fostering a community where faith, integrity, and brotherhood flourish.

We are looking for a men within Beth-El Temple to assume roles and responsibilities of a few vacant offices.  Under the leadership of Elder Shea A. Stansbury, President and Deacon Cory Fellows, Vice President, the administration is looking for those to fulfil Nehemiah 4:6. . .For there was a desire to work and serve.

Below you will find the vacant positions and the associated job duties.  If you find yourself in one of these offices, please take a moment and complete the form and click submit.  One of the officers will contact you with next steps.


This role is to keep the auxiliary organized with sending out communications for all events and notifications. Making sure all action items are secure such as proposals being submitted, flyers (etc) and all men are informed in a timely manner. All emails, text message or phone calls are professional, grammatically correct with professionalism.

Finance Officer
Keep track of the budget to prevent us from being in the red. Being able to provide a streamline spreadsheet with funds that have been allocated.   Presenting fundraiser ideas or companies that give to non-profit organizations that will help us be a blessing to ministry and service our community.

Activities Director
To develop activities that will foster unification and bring the men’s ministry closer together in fellowship, even team builder exercise that strengthen the trust and bond between brothers. Finding fun ways to collaborate and celebrate each other with having a great time.

Outreach Liaison
Provide opportunities to foster relationships with men shelter and other facilities in efforts of ministering to the total man (mind, body and soul). Outreach efforts include but not limited to providing clothing and food to those who are in need; providing opportunities to witness and minster to help create and nurture disciples that will help being glory to God.

Health Coach
Address the heath needs specific to men health.  This includes an awareness of colon cancer, obesity, hypertension, and other related male issues. Provide various modalities to combat mental illness and the various therapeutic methods that are common from a male perspective that deals with depression, self esteem and suicide.  The ultimate goal is that we empower men to be healthy, healed and whole.

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